08 August 2006

darkness and light

im in a dark internet cafe where someone has just started blasting Ace-of-Base and suddenly I'm back in 1994 or so. oh shit it switched back to hindi, nevermind.
ive started the health fellowship with the community health cell in bangalore (which, ironically, you have to cross a gaping river of sewage to get to);
besides the fantastic workshops and teaching sessions we have every day, i also am escaping the convent and the rumbling, hour-long-sweaty-hanging-frantically-out-the-door-with-a-dirty-man's-hand-on-my-butt bus commute that residing in such a far out local entails.
you heard it right, im moving to a hostel near the medical school campus.
i am surrounded by battle weathered doctors and activists eager to pass on their knowledge and what humble help it might offer in these fading days. 
I said bye to the patients last night, I said id never ever forget this (I fucking won't) and I cried when they touched me and whispered 'god bless you' and looked me deep in the eye for a moment before shuffling off down the silent corridors to their beds.    


Anonymous said...

i miss you too much.

Luce said...

Oh god, I love you.
"The heaviest of burdens is simultaneiously an image of life's most intense fulfullment. the heavier the burden, the closer our lives comes to the eath, the more real and truthful they become." But we know it's not the burden, it is the
unbearable lightness
of being.