24 July 2006

oh yah, and

after the second censure from one of the priests, and nearly causing a motorcycle accident out on the road in the same day, i decided that maybe my clothes really ARE too tight for these rural folk.
so i buckled and purchased 3 sets of the salwar kameez; a modest tunic and leggings combination which is also worn with a breast covering scarf... now i look the fucking part.  


Anonymous said...

fuck yes. I hope you are taking pictures. I'm glad you're using your beautiful singing voice as well. I talk about you often. I didn't even realize. I'm proud to say you're my sister. But the other day, for the first time, someone asked me if I missed you, and I replied with yes, I really do. Which is true. Don't drown in your own thoughts. that can be deadly.
love you
and when we find ourselves in a place just right, til by turning and and turning we come round right.

Anonymous said...

when do you come home?
if it's in time for me to see you can i please take some photos of you- portraits??

Luce said...

Leah, the lion, the deer slayer, is a wise woman.
I hope you wear those duds home to your daddy, that is into my bed.