30 May 2006

horn please ok!

ok so i turned down the chance to be an extra in a bollywood movie yesterday. we
did go to a movie, though, to get out of the heat for a while. <i>x-men 3</i>
was surreal--not just because it was hugh jackman growling in front of
elaborate explosions, but because the movies here are a whole event, with the
national anthem beforehand, an intermission and everyone dressed like they goin
to a fancy dinner. We with our filthy packs and unkempt hair most certainly
ruined the ambiance. sorry dudes.im also learning important hindi phrases such
as 'turn left', 'how much', 'you sisterfucker', and 'i'll break your face'.
i swear this will get interesting once we hit the road, though laying prostrate
in the disabling heat drinking kingfishers all afternoon has its own merits


carl otis winslow said...

the only thing i took away from that movie was that whoever played Jean Grey is the hottest person ever. and it would be cool to be a mutant and go to a mutant school.

luce said...

gd girl i miss you....my parents gone for over a week and you aren't here to fill up my house with smoke.
But fuck fuck, i'm happy.